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Facebook has Removed Story Descriptions
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Facebook has made a radical change in the way trending topics are displayed. Before, Facebook's trending topics had a hurried description with them but now it has been changed to only show the number of mentions that the specific topic has received. 

An announcement was recently posted on Facebook's newsroom website which included a 'before change' screenshot and 'after change' screenshot. The changes were highlight and it was shown that the new trending topics layout is now more simplified. 

What Facebook Has Said

Facebook has stated that Trending...

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The Rise of the Petabyte? Big Data Goes Small
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As the world of computing has advanced, the amounts of data that we are capable of storing has exponentially grown. While 500 megabytes of data storage was considered to be impressive only a handful of years ago, most smartphones boast gigabytes of capacity. However, we may very well soon see such an impressive capability evolve to an entirely new level thanks to a novel storage method. Scientists believe that it is within reason to store up to an incredible petabyte of data on a polymer disk the size of a common DVD.

The Power of Light

The basic principle behind data storage involves the...

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