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Practical Advise
How to Run Good Meetings
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Business organisations conduct meetings either to convey an important information or for strategic planning and making decisions for various issues facing the firm. A well planned and effective meeting is important to any business entity in many ways: Effective meetings are cost effective and produces a sense purpose and accountability to all the members attending the meeting. Also, many things are settled in a short and reasonable time and with less efforts, which increases innovating rate and responsiveness to market demand.


Features of an effective meeting...

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Getting the Best Out of Virtual Collaboration
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Teamwork is often the key to getting things done in any business setting. Projects can benefit from the pooling of minds and talents, smoother integration between different parts of an organisation, and also the extra motivation that comes with a sense of social pride or even competitiveness. This has long been recognised by successful managers.

However, as projects scale, team sizes grow, and distances between centres spread, traditional teamwork is increasingly difficult to implement. Virtual collaboration is an effective solution, but it's not without its difficulties.



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Characteristics of a Great Leader
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What makes a great leader? For hundreds of years, theories have been proposed to explain the secrets of leadership. The lives of historical figures have been studied for clues. No two explanations are the same, but some common themes emerge.


Knowing Your People

From Julius Caesar to Napoleon and beyond, great leaders have spent time learning to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their subordinates, ensuring that their talents are appropriately deployed. Leaders know when to leave the details to others, and when to involve themselves more closely. The secret here seems to be...

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