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Businesses Cutting Close to the GDPR Compliance Deadline
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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes with a deadline of 25 May 2018 and studies show that a good fraction of eligible companies has not implemented it yet. This EU standard requires enterprises to protect the information of customers from EU regions. It means that even if a company is not in the EU, but conducts business with customers who are, it has to meet the set requirements. The GDPR aims at improving the level of security that companies provide for consumer data. Security policies must also apply to the transfer of data outside EU states. 


Lagging Behind in...

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Practical Advise
How to Write the Perfect Sales Offer
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Selling your services or products is one of the hardest tasks that marketers encounter in every business. Whether you are launching a new product or service, or marketing existing ones, creating a perfect sales offer is the key to gaining more leads. There are several elements which you need to consider when approaching your potential clients.


Create Value

The first question that customers ask when you approach them with a sales offer is how your product or service is superior to the rest in the market. Your sales offer should provide value over cost in that the potential client will...

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Practical Advice
Getting Your E-Mail Marketing Right
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It may seem that social media platforms such as Facebook ads have surpassed e-mail marketing as the highest earner when it comes to generating more sales and revenue. However, this is not the case. By comparing the two platforms, e-mails generate up to 4 times higher ROI. This shows that e-mail is still a crucial marketing strategy for most companies. But businesses need to employ some strategies for it to be successful. 


Know and focus on your target audience 

Your audience will most likely find the e-mail engaging if it comes from a trustworthy source.

And while...

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How Android Apps are Using Ultra Sound to Track Users
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An alarming discovery by Brunswick Technical University researchers in Germany has been made regarding the use of ultrasonic tracking beacons in Android applications to track users and their surroundings. The research paper emphasised on the technology of ultrasound cross-device tracking (uXDT) which has become famous in the past three years. 

uXDT is a method that is used by advertisers through ads which hide ultrasounds. The moment the ad runs on a radio or TV, or some ad code on a computer or mobile, there are ultrasounds emitted which the microphone of the nearby device picks.


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Getting Your Omni-Channel Marketing Right
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Nobody can deny that marketing has seen a significant shift in the last several years. The biggest problem is that not all marketers are up to date with the different means that consumers use to access information. Of course, you know that the internet contributes a great deal, but how is your target audience getting online? Some use mobile apps, others go to social media, and some will still walk into a physical store. Businesses need to factor in all these aspects and that is where omni-channel marketing comes in. 


Why You Need Omni-Channel Marketing

An omni-channel...

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What’s Next Now That VR’s A Reality?
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Advancements in technology and price point drops have set the platform for VR (Virtual Reality) to develop for a number of mobile applications, but the question is, “What’s the current status of VR?” When most people think about VR, only a single format comes to mind when in reality we have three versions.

Casual Mobile VR
This is the most economical VR that can be accessed by a wide consumer base. It’s enabled by your smartphone and is the only way for most people to view VR content without having to purchase the expensive headset or glasses. In essence, Casual...

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An overview of Bots
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A bot refers to software that has been designed tasks that one would typically do on their own. The software is capable of performing simple tasks such as making a dinner reservation, making or adding an appointment to the calendar. The innovation of these applications has led to the simulation of conversations. The software is a third-party application encompassed inside other messaging applications such as Telegram. It enables the user to chat back and forth just the way they talk with a fellow human.

The application can also be used to handle some customer service requests saving costs...

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Predictions for 2016 Marketing
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When a year begins, it's always a good time to think about the future and which aspects will be trend. How consumers behave, what Google algorithm level is going to be, how should I act in social networks, etc...

Let’s take a look in the 4 predictions of what is going to shine on the online marketing this year

Growth in live away from Google searches, Bing and Yahoo
For those who take time to implement SEO strategies and closely follow the data on organic growth to your site visitors, this news may seem old; for most it is not. The reality is that searches happen in places where...

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2016 trends that will matter in marketing
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All experts concur that digital marketing keeps changing. The epitome of online marketing five years ago is not something people think about today. All professionals in digital marketing need to keep up with the new trends that creep up every time the calendar year flips it's very first page. Understanding what the year brings to the world of online marketing gives marketers a chance to evaluate their strategies. In 2016, some old trends will get new faces and some new ones will fill the market.

Staying Mobile

Mobile marketing is one of the elements that will characterise 2016. It is...

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Soak Up Potential of Your Current Customers with Referralrock
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Referralrock is a tool that will help you get more referrals, and as you know, referrals offer the warmest possible leads. Most of your consumers’ barriers are down when they are given a referral, and they may also have a fair amount of education around your brand and its products, which means you can get right to the meat without having to explain yourself. 

Soak up the potential of your current customers

Referralrock offer tools that small businesses can use to build a customer referral-marketing program. What is more impressive is that the tools are angled so that you can...

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