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Feeling the Full Impact of IOT7
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More than ever before since it first made its appearance more than 15 years ago, the Internet of Things (IOT) has generated a lot of excited conversation. According to experts, IOT7 is fast embracing other areas of day-to-day life other than the business operations and supply chain. The increasing opportunities have been opened up by the entrance of more and more devices to the IOT club.

Increased Availability of Data

One of the best features of 10T7 is its ability to take marketing into a whole new level by the increased amount of available data. Marketers can now have a deeper view of...

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The IoT Needs to Enhance Human Experience
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Putting a sensor on a device does not automatically make it an IoT (Internet of Things) product, says Chris Massot of Claro Partners. He has a wealth of technological experience from which to draw upon, having been involved in many innovative projects, such as early smart watches, Microsoft's Zune, and the first XBox, which was launched in 1998. Massot recently explained that these projects all had one thing in common, 'the idea was always to have technology enabling the experience versus anything else'. 

Massot argues that it is vital for the technology to improve the...

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