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The Vigorous Efforts of Channel to Fight Against Ransomware Attacks
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Ransomware is a malicious program that is meant to bar the user in accessing the computer system. Also, it usually involves threats to expose the user’s sensitive information until the user pays a certain amount of money that the criminal demands.


Impact of ransomware on its victims

These activities have recently become a great challenge to businesses and individuals who fall victims of it. However, almost everyone in the sphere is prone to these malicious activities since the attackers target any persons irrespective of their areas. The main aim of the criminals is a financial...

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Ways to prevent Omnichannel Fraud
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The ability for customers to shop via their mobile phones provides flexibility and also allows companies to find new ways to engage consumers. Retail payments in the U.S. are expected to exceed $220 billion in 2017. However, as the use of mobile payments increases, so is the increase in fraud. Cybercrime seems to keep pace with developments in technology and is turning out to be a complex web, which perpetrates both online and physical channels.


Why Omnichannel fraud manifests itself

Omnichannel businesses are those that conduct business both on their premises and also...

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The Increasingly Important Role of Managed Security Service Providers
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The threats found within the digital world are now more serious than ever before. Whether referring to Zero-Day Ransomware, phishing or DDoS attacks, organisations need to take such possibilities very seriously. The irony is that procuring adequate levels of protection can prove to be challenging for businesses which have neither the time nor the experience. Thus, the role of the managed security service provider becomes quite clear. 


Layered and Thorough Protection

From a general point of view, the managed security service provider (MSSP) is concerned with...

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Cybersecurity Stress Tests: Proactive Solutions for Modern Times
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Although the majority of small- to medium-sized enterprises have contingency plans in place to deal with security issues, it is estimated that a mere 14 per cent have actually carried out tests to gauge the efficacy of these systems – according to a research by Policy Bee. This is a critical concern, as it is otherwise very difficult to uncover any weak points within existing IT infrastructure. What is a stress test and how can one be conducted in order to tackle potential threats or vulnerabilities?


Cybersecurity Stress Tests at a Glance

Any stress test primarily involves...

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Cloud Vendors and Users Need To Collaborate
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Security is a very important issue when working on projects using the cloud. Often, business leaders will view the cloud provider as the responsibility holder in terms of security, it does, however, require a more collaborative approach. Business leaders and the cloud providers should work together when it comes to security issues, and work to provide a safe and secure solution. Cloud computing is a good option for businesses looking to save money, and provides streamline solutions to issues like data processing, and storage needs. 


About Cloud Security 

It is a lot easier...

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Ways of Improving Cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity is a process or a technology that is aimed at protecting computers, information, data or networks from unauthorized access, damage or theft. Cybersecurity has a key objective which is to protect systems from cyberattacks which is increasing at a higher rate especially in the field of business. Many companies are offering cybersecurity training which is of great importance in this society of technological advancement. Cyber training is also important because it reduces the gaps in security skills and improve reliability in information gathering. There are several ways of...

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