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Cloud Configuration: What You Should Know
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Cloud configuration involves setting a cloud environment’s software and hardware details to facilitate efficient communication and interoperation. The configuration process is straightforward, however, there are situations where the cloud environment is complex and getting overwhelming. Nevertheless, the provider has to do all it takes to ensure that communication is secure, performance is acceptable, and services are reliable in such environments. 


How Configuration Works 

To enhance sound interaction of the client and provider’s environment, cloud application...

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The Necessity of Cloud Distribution in the Channel
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Cloud services have become critical investments for organisations as the demand for IT solutions increases by the day. A majority of CIOs run their enterprises on cloud-first strategies, which means more work for solution providers. Cloud distributors have become a critical topic as the industry analyse the roles that vendors can manage at a time. Resellers have to deal with hundreds of cloud providers, and balancing all those relationships does not come easy. This need to simplify the relationships between vendors and resellers is what necessitates cloud distributors. Some market players...

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What are Containers and Why Manage Them in Cloud?
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The need to use applications effectively over different running environments has led to increased embracement of cloud containers. The concept of containerization involves isolation of processes in the sharing of the operating system. Containers are necessary for creating cloud-based distributed applications. Containerization binds applications, libraries, and dependencies for easy use and compatibility. They offer an abstraction mechanism of the application from their working environments. 


Deployment of Containers 

The implementation of containers can be either...

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Cloud Vendors and Users Need To Collaborate
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Security is a very important issue when working on projects using the cloud. Often, business leaders will view the cloud provider as the responsibility holder in terms of security, it does, however, require a more collaborative approach. Business leaders and the cloud providers should work together when it comes to security issues, and work to provide a safe and secure solution. Cloud computing is a good option for businesses looking to save money, and provides streamline solutions to issues like data processing, and storage needs. 


About Cloud Security 

It is a lot easier...

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Cloud and SaaS revenue increasing steadily
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Findings from the Synergy Research Group indicate a 23-29% growth of the cloud and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) over the next five years. It is projected that revenues will surpass the $200 billion mark by 2020. This comes a week before major cloud providers Google, IBM and Microsoft, to be followed afterwards by Amazon release their quarterly financials.


Beneficaciaries and losers

The predictions are good news for software developers that run in the cloud and those in the cloud business. However, it makes grim news for those in the business of selling hardware and software to...

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Are your cloud services costing too much?
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As the cloud becomes more mainstream and integrated within general business use, spiraling costs for services and budgetary challenges are also becoming more commonplace. 

Logicworks conducted a recent audit on the cloud costs of a large media organisation that's used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the past three years. Their results highlighted common problems faced by a number of business users and IT departments. The audit highlighted the following:

cloud engineers spend time firefighting and supporting code releases
IT cloud engineers had no time for best practice configs...

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Maintenance with cloud and Industry 4.0
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Cloud Computing and Industry 4.0 are two aspects in manufacturing that are merging more and more. One good example is the Just in Time Services (JITS) solution from akquinet AG.

This application is analyzing a huge amount of data created from machine sensors and automatically sends an alert if there are problems or maintenance is needed. With these automatically alerts the planning of service and maintenance could be approved. External engineers and clients can profit from these setups due to better time management and money savings. To get alerts right in time could save off time and...

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Microsoft and its proximity to Cloud
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At CeBIT, I had the opportunity a few words with Mr. Dietmar Meng (Business Manager, Business Group Server, Tools & Cloud) to change.

The booth of Microsoft made it clear that solutions from Microsoft are long gone simple user tools in the Office Spreadsheet, creating presentations or writing letters. With its specialized partners Microsoft white cover a wide variety of specialized topics. Because Microsoft products are the basis for many specialized applications of mobile solutions to industry 4.0.

Videoconferencing systems from Polycom are working partly with Lync together, Adesso...

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Very of the moment - FlexPod by NetApp and Cisco
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The change to integrated IT-infrastructures in the field of business is substantially gathering pace. The success story of FlexPod, a product developed by the fabricators NetApp and Cisco, is representative of that. Since its market launch in 2010 it has realized the sales revenue in the amount of more than three Billion Dollar.


In far more than 100 countries, companies use the integration of storage media, server, and network components via FlexPod. In Germany, for instance, Haribo and Börse Stuttgart use this product. On the whole, more than 4.000 companies (of these 200 in...

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