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An overview of Bots
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A bot refers to software that has been designed tasks that one would typically do on their own. The software is capable of performing simple tasks such as making a dinner reservation, making or adding an appointment to the calendar. The innovation of these applications has led to the simulation of conversations. The software is a third-party application encompassed inside other messaging applications such as Telegram. It enables the user to chat back and forth just the way they talk with a fellow human.

The application can also be used to handle some customer service requests saving costs...

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Intel ditches McAfee name in rebranding exercise
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Ever since John McAfee started his business in 1987 his surname as become synonymous with security software. He left the company only a few years later in 1994, leading a colourful life since to say the least. When Intel acquired McAfee in 2010, the name carried on, but as is often the case the time came when Intel decided a change was needed as part of a re-branding. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2014, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich declared that the McAfee name was to be removed from the software, to be replaced by Intel Security.

McAfee remain a wholly owned...

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