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Practical Advice
Germany sets standards for consumer-friendly apps
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Consumers are increasingly worrying whether the friendly-looking app they’re inviting onto their phone may actually turn out to be less friendly in practice. The areas of concern are legion. Take data protection – if consumers have other apps on their phone, such as banking, they need to be sure that the app they just downloaded isn’t hostile. The concerns are even graver when the app has permission to track their location or scan their emails. Photos are now becoming an issue too, since facial recognition is beginning to be widely used.


User friendly...

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Product Information
Comparison Shopping On Your Phone Is Made Easy With the Voodoo App
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If you're shopping online with your laptop or PC it's easy to compare prices on different e-commerce sites by using the browser extension. That hasn't been the case with your smartphone, but all that's changed thanks to a handy new app called Voodoo.

Here's how it works: Once you've installed the Voodoo app on your phone it automatically syncs with all your other e-commerce apps. For instance, say you're looking to buy a new digital camera online and you find it on Flipkart. The Voodoo app icon will immediately pop up, and when you tap it it automatically...

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