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How a Well-structured Supply Chain Can Better Customer Experience
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Customers’ satisfaction is paramount to any successful business and an increase in profitability. Each time a customer is satisfied with the services your business is providing, they will come back for more  – and they might bring a friend as well. An effective way of ensuring your customers stay satisfied is managing your supply chain. 


Carefully assign roles at the beginning

When setting up a business, it is advisable to set up a well-structured supply chain that will ensure your customers get their deliveries on time. A good supply chain should...

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5G Is Coming – What Can Tech Expect?
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5G (5th-Generation Wireless Systems) networks are the latest iteration of mobile internet connectivity, engineered to offer more reliable connections and faster speeds on smartphones plus other devices. Combining cutting-edge network technology plus the very latest research, the fifth-generation wireless should offer multitudes faster connections than current connections: average download speeds of approximately 1 gigabit per second is expected to be the norm and it could go up to 10GBps. 


New Opportunities 

Being able to send as well as receive amounts of data faster,...

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The Vigorous Efforts of Channel to Fight Against Ransomware Attacks
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Ransomware is a malicious program that is meant to bar the user in accessing the computer system. Also, it usually involves threats to expose the user’s sensitive information until the user pays a certain amount of money that the criminal demands.


Impact of ransomware on its victims

These activities have recently become a great challenge to businesses and individuals who fall victims of it. However, almost everyone in the sphere is prone to these malicious activities since the attackers target any persons irrespective of their areas. The main aim of the criminals is a financial...

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Practical Advice
The Use and Purpose of IoT Gateways
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As the number of devices and sensors in an IoT based ecosystem grows, the system becomes more and more complex. For instance, many sensors and controllers do not support energy-intensive protocols such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, requiring the network to support multiple communication protocols. Also, the sheer size of the network makes it practically impossible to allow all devices to communicate directly with systems.  About 72 percent of network infrastructure professionals deploy IoT gateways, to gain control over the ecosystem, in such a scenario. IoT gateways, placed on the edge of...

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