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Distribution Centers Leveraging Big Data for Better Performance
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Advancements in technology have revolutionised many areas of manufacturing from production to warehousing. The use of machines and smart technology has improved the accessibility of data in distribution centres, which is changing how manufacturing companies operate. Big data may not have a prominent role in distribution centres as it does in other areas of the supply chain, but that is set to change. Not so long ago, warehouse managers relied on Engineered Labour Standards and Labour Measurement Systems to gather data. These systems did not offer enough information for managers to...

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Will Robots Gain Status as Legal Persons?
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There is no doubt that the industry of robotics has evolved in leaps and bounds during recent years. This is particularly the case in regards to "smart" robots and other variants that are able to make autonomous decisions similar to humans. However, is this boundary being pushed too far? A recently penned open letter to the European Parliament claims that these robots should be considered legal persons. What is the reasoning behind this move and why have a number of organisations criticised a proposal that seems as if it has been taken from a science fiction film?



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Businesses Cutting Close to the GDPR Compliance Deadline
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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes with a deadline of 25 May 2018 and studies show that a good fraction of eligible companies has not implemented it yet. This EU standard requires enterprises to protect the information of customers from EU regions. It means that even if a company is not in the EU, but conducts business with customers who are, it has to meet the set requirements. The GDPR aims at improving the level of security that companies provide for consumer data. Security policies must also apply to the transfer of data outside EU states. 


Lagging Behind in...

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