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Where is ERP heading in the Future?
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Every year new predictions are made concerning ERP in the coming years. ERP is very dynamic and making predictions is not an easy feat. However, it is interesting to want to know where the industry might be in the coming years. 


The Future of ERP 

Several things are expected from ERP in the coming future. Some of these include: 

  • Deployment of cloud 
  • Embedded analytics to replace in-memory appliances 
  • Coupled applications to replace deconstructed suites 
  • Mobility in all applications 
  • The growth of integration hassles 


Main Predictions...

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Use Cases of the Blockchain in the Channel
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With mainstream awareness of the blockchain-based goods and services rapidly increasing thanks to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, there is a lot of buzz about this decentralised technology. But there is little understanding of what this technology is and its potential in the field as a disruptive force. 

You can take your time to think about what blockchain-based platform tools could mean for channel partners and the brands. All these transaction relationships require trust from all partners to be successful. The main reason for using blockchain-based tools is to help individuals,...

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Achieving Sustainability in Your Supply Chain
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The supply chain is one of the most energy-inefficient sectors of a company. More and more companies are reforming their supply chain sectors to make them more sustainable. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of confusion on the concept of sustainability, even among larger companies. Sustainability is not an obvious aspect that you can quickly show the world to improve the appearance of your company. So what exactly is a sustainable supply chain? And how can companies achieve sustainability? 


What is Sustainable Supply Chain Management? 

Sustainable supply chain management...

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